macs 22-Absolute Recommendation

macs 22-Absolute Recommendation

"The experiences are consistently positive," says René Scherer. " The migration, from macs 21 to macs 22 works smoothly. All those who work with macs 22 are thrilled. One can navigate intuitively with the new user interface.The navigation steps are logical and comprehensible. The decision to adapt to the MS Office user interface  was absolutely right. The look & feel of macs 22 just makes sense. It is stylish and up-to-date.


There is little training requirement by our client's user. This is what we as consultants appreciate. The hurdles are low and therefore migration works very well. The newly developed batch program makes automating processes even easier.


The customers working with macs 22 are now very appreciative of scheduling and managing on multiple monitors at the same time. This is a huge benefit to performing the daily tasks.

By optimizing the interfaces to the ERP systems we have now top performance on that front too. We have been very impressed by how fast this is going: in a customer project, we have loaded some 4.5 million records in less than 6 minutes. Absolute top record. Excellent!


Overall, we understand from our customer's feedback that with macs 22 there is a giant step forward in terms of ease of use . We can only recommend to take the step to macs 22.



In conversation with René Scherer, Head of macs Consulting and Ulrike Lehmann, macs Marketing.